Through Tri2Hope we want to encourage individuals to join in completing a triathlon, raising awareness for childhood trauma and help raise funds for children affected by unforeseen trauma in their lives.  We want individuals to “Try 2 give Hope” through Tri2Hope.

This project will give individuals joining purpose,  and HOPE to children who need hope.

This journey to complete a triathlon would become part of these children’s STORIES of HOPE.

Our hard work in training for triathlon events will then be for a greater good, trying to build awareness for children suffering trauma, as well as raising funds to support these children.

Our first Tri2HOPE story

An 11 year old boy – raising funds for the next two years of therapy this boy will need whilst waiting for the reconstruction surgery

In December 2018 a 9-year old boy (His name not mentioned in order to protect his privacy) was in a horrific freak accident where he got jack-knifed between a car and trailer. His bladder was broken, his pelvic bone was broken and after a month in ICU, they had to amputate his penis as well as his one testical. Since then, he has had only a few trauma counselling sessions and has had to try put his life together, waiting for someone to do the reconstruction surgery of his penis.

For a young, very active and sporty boy, this accident was life-changing.

For nearly two years now, he has been without his male genitals and had to prevent fellow pupils at school to notice this as well as cope with the emotional trauma of such an experience.

We are currently applying to various companies and individuals to help us fund weekly sessions to support him emotionally.  The reconstruction would possibly only be done when he turns 13, therefore another 2 years of emotional trauma he has to cope with.

We are waiting to find the right person to help with the reconstruction as soon as possible thereafter since it’s been nearly two years after the accident.  We are currently trying to get him to see a Professor, known for his reconstruction surgeries.  This is a very long and frustrating process.

We are applying for ANY support towards our journey to help this little boy and so many other children out there suffering due to a lack of funds. 

We will proudly advertise our sponsors on our journey to Ironman Durban 70.3 on social media, our website as well as on branded clothing we will wear on the day.


  • Tax benefit as we can provide you with a Section A certificate
  • Your company logo promoted on our social media platforms and websites
  • / FB ActingHopeNPO/HopePageantsInternational / INSTA
  •  The satisfaction of becoming part of a special cause to help children going through trauma
  • CSI investment for your company


Donations can be made to the following account with reference: Tri2HOPE

HOPE Pageant

FNB – 250655

Account number: 62412279376


Become part of the journey