I started Acting Hope with the idea to use my own talents to serve others and make a significant difference in their lives. – 1 Peter 4:10
I have been a full time teacher since 1997 after obtaining my B.Prim.Ed.Degree at the University of Stellenbosch, specializing in teaching children with specific learning difficulties.

I moved to live and work in the UK in 1999 and decided to specialize further through the Helen Arkell dyslexia centre and British Dyslexic Association in successfully identifying and managing children with various learning difficulties.

Whilst working at a school for children with specific needs, I started discovering that the use of drama as a therapy medium in their everyday life, helped them cope better with acceptance of their disabilities, improved their social skills and helped them become emotionally stronger individuals.
Throughout my years of teaching, I have seen so much heartache in children, and it was an absolute revelation to discover something that could help them work through those problems and improve their well-being.

This is what led me to start Acting Hope at the beginning of 2012, giving Hope through Acting as a medium.
I felt that my teaching experience and skills acquired through my years of actively teaching and being involved in children’s lives in the community, lend itself to me starting a sustainable project that could give individuals the opportunity to become emotionally stronger individuals and also help them to discover their own talents and purpose.

Acting Hope helps create emotionally stronger individuals; we improve the cycle of emotional poverty in children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and also give those who have lost hope something to believe in again.
Drama Therapy(HOPE Drama) is the main focus area for Acting Hope and with the support of companies/individuals, we would like to give more individuals the opportunity to empower themselves through drama and therefore be more equipped with life challenges and supporting themselves and their families.
Furthermore, Acting Hope builds on children and women leaving a legacy of giving back to others and their environment.(HOPE Journey).
Children and women are actively getting involved throughout communities in South Africa and abroad to change, develop, uplift and change other individuals’ views of environmental, economic and emotional issues.
Children are a great inspiration for other children, through discovering their own individual talents and abilities; they can plan, organize and implement sustainable projects in their communities. Children’s views and values will either empower or destruct future generations, therefore it is of great importance to involve them from an early age to help build a stronger future generation.