How To Compete

HOPE Journey International pageant system gives all youth and women the opportunity to use their talents, create sustainable projects and make an impact on the lives of people in their own communities.

Through this, they start living a Purpose driven life.

After entry into the pageant, finalists are selected, after which they will start doing various small projects in their province’s communities.

After chosen as a finalist, funds has to be raised to show operational skills and help towards the implementation of the finalists own projects, helping it grow to a sustainable project in their area.

All funds are directed through Acting Hope NPO,  20% of each amount raised stays in the non-profit for the future running costs of the organization. 80% goes back to each project run by youth or women finalists.

Finalists are supported with sponsor letters, mentorship, guidance and fundraising ideas to raise the necessary funds.

The Top finalists from each category will compete at Provincial, National as well as International level which will be hosted in Cape town yearly.  Travelling is for the contestants’ expense.

Rules And Regulations

The following are the official rules and regulations of HOPE JOURNEY INTERNATIONAL. Contestants must adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to participate in any category of HOPE JOURNEY:

  • Contestant acknowledges that this is a Christian based competition.
  • Contestant must be of good health & moral character.
  • Contestant must never have been convicted of a felony crime.
  • Contestant must never have nor will she during her affiliation with HOPE JOURNEY pose for any photography, video or film associated with nudity or pornography.
  • Contestant must be a genetic born male or female as per category entered for.
  • Contestant must be in the required age group of category entered for by June the following year. Under aged contestants must be accompanied by a chaperone at no cost to organisers.
  • Contestants must be single and never given birth to a child for all categories excluding Ms Hope. Contestants for Ms Hope may be single, divorced or widowed, with or without children.
  • Contestant must be a South African citizen.
  • Contestant is subject to a non-refundable entry fee of R350 and if chosen as a finalist, a operational fee.
  • Contestant to sign a delegate’s acceptance letter.
  • Contestant understands that HOPE JOURNEY reserves the right to change the dates & location of the HOPE JOURNEY final event.
  • Contestant is required to be involved with a charitable cause or community project.
  • Contestants must attend the full three days of competition events. There will be interview judging, public speaking judging and evening wear judging, a Gala show along with  team building.
  • Absolutely NO revealing and “sexy” clothing will be allowed. Contestants will not be allowed to attend events or on stage in any attire that is found to be provocative.
  • Any contestant and/or family member or guest of the contestant showing inappropriate behaviour will lead to the disqualification of the contestant.
  • In the event of contestant withdrawing or disqualification for any reason, no refund can be given.
  • The top contestants in each category will represent their province in the INTERNATIONAL competition.
  • Contestants going through to NATIONAL level of competition will not be allowed to enter any other pageant or competition until the INTERNATIONAL crowning event that year.
  • Contestant will permit HOPE JOURNEY and their licensees the right to use contestant’s photographs taken during pageant week for publicity purposes in connection with HOPE JOURNEY.
  • Contestant will permit HOPEJOURNEY and their licensees to televise live or by use of film or videotape any portion or all of the competition.
  • Contestant gives permission that all photographs and/or video of any appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from winning or being a PROVINCIAL or NATIONAL contestant in HOPE JOURNEY can be publicized by HOPE JOURNEY for publicity purposes.
  • If a contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any award or title given to her, all prizes, sash and crown awarded to her must be returned in the condition it was received.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred for cash.
  • All decisions of judges are final and irrevocable. No correspondence will be entered into.

These rules and regulations are subject to modification, as needed, without prior notice. Pageant reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion.